What is my XP Level?

Almost everything you do in Reward Shopping awards you XP (e.g. Experience Points).  

Why do you want to get XP?  Because your XP Level determines which Rewards you can access!

Hover your mouse pointer over your XP Level at the top of the page, and it will tell you how many XP you have and how many you need to get to the next XP Level.  "Level Up" to the next XP Level and you'll also get Bonus Reward Points and unlock other great features, coupons and deals!

The amount of XP that is awarded for each action can change at any time, but here are some examples:
  • Complete your Registration: XP 100
  • Click the SuperLucky Button: XP 1
  • Purchase a Custom Invite Link: XP 1000
  • Verify Your Email Address: XP 100
  • Open a SuperLucky Mail: XP 1
  • Connect To Facebook: XP 150
  • Recruit a new member (that reaches Bronze): XP 250
  • Sign in: XP 1
  • Complete an Offer: 10% of the points value rewarded.
  • Upgrade to a Platinum Membership: XP 1000
  • Complete your Profile: XP 250
  • Sponsor a Member: XP 10
More ways to add XP are being added all the time!

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