Why should I invite friends to Reward Shopping?

Creating a network is an important part of getting points at Reward Shopping.

There are two ways to create a network.  The first is to upgrade to a Platinum Membership, were users will be added to your network automatically.  The more common way is to invite your friends to join your network.

In order to add a friend to your network, you have to give them your unique referral link.  You can find your referral link on your invite page.

When someone signs up for Reward Shopping that clicked on your referral link, you'll get Reward Points when they join, and also 10% of the Reward Points they earn when they complete any qualifying offer!  Also, you'll get points every time they win by clicking the SuperLucky Button.  Those points can add up fast!

NOTE: Someone that signs up using your referral link does not generate Reward Points for you until they reach the Bronze Membership level.

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